There Is a Place

A 17-minute short documentary about the power of music
in the face of memory loss, loneliness and the end of life

Every week, singer-songwriter Lior Tsarfaty visits 15-20 different Alzheimer's care communities around the San Francisco Bay Area. With a guitar and large drum strapped to each shoulder and a suitcase of percussion instruments in tow, he enters each facility where a circle of memory care residents sit and wait in sleepy silence. As Lior passes out instruments and leads the group in singing and drumming, smiles quickly spread, as neither residents nor staff can help but join in with their own unique expressions of song and dance.

THERE IS A PLACE follows Lior's personal journey of falling in love with creating music and the call he answered to spread this gift of music in all directions. In doing so, he met with high demand from elderly care facilities. Lior’s sessions are crafted to foster a connection to self and to others, offering respite from common aging ills such as loneliness, confusion and isolation.

The space that Lior holds for elders offers him a daily, undeniable experience of the end of life. Though he feels sadness and loss each time a resident passes, he has also grown to appreciate the beauty of the circle of life, as well as the vibrance and ecstasy that comes out in the space that they share. Somehow, contributing to a collective sound and energy within a circle of fellow humans brings out presentness, playfulness and a sense of togetherness in the face of life's uncertainties, conflicts and end.

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About the Filmmaker

Tania Ku is an artist and storyteller living in San Francisco. As Ku's debut film, THERE IS A PLACE combines her practical skills in writing and storytelling with her lifelong passion for building and encouraging a more integrated human family. Ku worked previously as a renewable energy and environmental communications specialist for publicly traded companies like Borrego Solar and local non-profits like Save the Bay.

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